Yonego is a leading digital marketing agency with offices in The United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. They work for internationally renowned clients, supporting them with their full digital marketing stack.

The challenge

As is true for any digital marketing agency, Yonego’s effectiveness always depends on their ability to react to changes their clients make on their websites. Spotting these as early as possible and quickly assessing whether they comply with the SEO strategy is key to ensuring long-term results. Yonego went looking for tooling to make this process easier.

The solution

Yonego discovered ContentKing and after a brief pilot decided to use it for tracking the changes made to their clients’ websites.

Serge Lafort

Some changes our clients make to their websites severely affect the performance online marketing campaigns. Being able to detect these changes and react to them before they cause problems is a big advantage.”

Asked about what insights ContentKing provides, Lafort said: “The most important insights are historical changes and automated data updates. With these, we not only monitor the changes but are also able to do research and analysis.”

The results

Adopting ContentKing in their SEO workflow paid off very quickly. Lafort: “We had several cases where clients made a lot of adjustments in titles and meta descriptions which we normally only would have seen after changes in rankings. With the automated updates from ContentKing we were able to act on it before it got that far.”

ContentKing is now a key part of Yonego’s SEO processes. Lafort: “SEO marketers have to deal with a lack of control on a daily basis. ContentKing gives them that control and the confidence that comes with it.”